Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Message from Ate Liezl

Quoting Joanne Yap when she invited everyone to join this challenge "to try is to test your own capabilities, to attempt is your own personal challenge, and to win is icing on the cake!"

I got eliminated from the "IDOL" after 6 out of the 8 week challenge. I would say - "it was a good fight, though".

Moving up each week until the 6th week is indeed a wonderful experience. "WE" enjoyed the journey and the lessons learned from it will never be forgotten. I said "WE" because i didn't scrap alone throughout those weeks. My kids and Alden (my hubby), my friends and the rest of LBS were with me during those days and nights.

On a daily basis I was constantly reassured by their unending love and support not only to my chosen craft but to my individuality as a person too. Each entry was made with my heart in it, since I don't scrap for the sake of art alone. I scrap to capture and preserve memories and let the legacy live on. I scrap to profoundly express my feelings and my thoughts. Along with each LO is my silent hope that the message will be felt and will be heard first and foremost by my own family to whom i dedicate each piece. And they never failed to do so. I guess it is the best reward any scrapbooker could get.

I am thankful that throughout those "precious and pressured" times, I was able to maintain balance. Never did I neglect a single duty as a multi-task mom.

To Cors, Issa and Doc Ritz - I'm happy you made it to the next round. I will stand by you until the final round. Helga and I will join Timi in doing our own entries as well, though this time its without the pressure of beating the deadline.

Our's is a genuine friendship binded by true love and too much concern for each other. It will always be a "all for one, one for all" journey.

My gratitude to Ms. Tin Yao for the comments you made to all my LOs. Your patience in going over the details of each entry is highly appreciated and the sincerity is felt from all those words you have written.

My special thanks to Ms. Connie Tameling and Ms. Leah Fung for the special mentions... my round 3 entry "Craddle of Memories" and round 5 "Li'l Hands". My exit was made even more graceful with all your wonderful comments.

To the Scrappin' Moms, i will be forever grateful for giving me the opportunity to test my capabilities. God bless us all!

Ate Liezl

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