Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Party

We celebrated our Christmas Party the same day we celebrated Issa's birthday last Monday, December 15. After our pictorial and gift giving for Issa's birthday, we changed our headresses to Santa's hats.

Chiqui hosted two games - Unscramble the letters and Name the paper manufacturer, won by Rita and Issa, respectively. Helga also hosted another game...Charade. We were divided into two groups: Cors, Rita and Chiqui as one group and Liezl, Ytet and myself as another group. Issa was our ever reliable timer and photographer. Cors and Liezl were the ones who acted out the ten Christmas-related words prepared by Helga. In the end, our group won with eight out of ten correct answers. We were all bursting with laughter as Cors and Liezl reenacted Christmas words like hamon, quezo de bola, panunuluyan, fruit salad...

Here are some fun scenes during the game:

Our actresses:

Cors: T is for Tagalog...

Liezl: Ha ha ha ha

And the guessers...

Of course, no party would be complete without the food. Issa bought our main dishes including tuna pesto, chicken cordon blu and spicy chicken salad while the rest of us took care of the dessert (Red Ribbon Mango Cream Pie Cake and Leche flan) and drinks.

We also had our exchange gift ala PS-SE style. We didn't buy our gifts instead we just put P250 worth of scrapbooking items together from our stash. Not only that, we also copied PS-Se's 7 steps to your left, 10 steps to your right and so on and so forth...

Here are some more photos during our celebration:

It was indeed a funfilled day for the LBS! We're so happy to be given the chance to celebrate Christmas in the company of one another.

Thanks for looking,

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Congratulations to our very own DRA. CHIQUI GUTIERREZ! She's now part of the Design Team of Creative Scrappers... we are truly proud of you Chix!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

PS-SE Party...

Timi, Chiqui, Cheche and I attended the most awaited Christmas Party of Pinoy Scrapbookers and Scrapbook Exchange family! We came late, but what caught my attention upon signing up was the HUMAN BINGO paper. The rule was to have the scrappers signed it according to the list on the paper. Then for the stores, you have to have a purchase of atleast P50 so that the store owner will sign the bingo. What touched our hearts was this... everyone was waiting for the LB girls! Oh its just a signature, but it was so nice of them to include us in the bingo requirement. Salamat po sa Pinoy Scrapbookers at Scrapbook Exchange coordinators! Para sa amin, mahal nyo ang mga tiga-LB!

Will post later for the other happenings... do you know that we won in the "dress up a mannequin", with the every great BJay and Ems Foronda!