Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat!

October Celebrants!

It was an hour drive to San Pablo, Laguna to reach Sanctuario de San Pablo... such a paradise in the heart of a city, where we celebrated Dra. Chiqui and Ytet's Birthday. We dressed up in rainbow bright colors, swimmed a little and had an hour spa package, then an oversized dinner for the finale.

It's always FUN to be with friends... can't wait for the next celebration!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Seasons starts NOW!

Birthday months are here now, so this means we have to add another year of memories and birthday themes and gimmicks. We, the Scrapaholics really spends time and planning everytime birthdays are coming. You can just imagine the text messages, emails and telephone calls just to put up a great secret in preparing one's birthday. So... let the celebration BEGINS!

It's ate Liezl's ___th birthday! Oh number is never been important to us, but we always look forward on how to surprise the celebrant. Since it was a national holiday in the Philippines, we celebrate the National Heroes Day! Ate Liezl asked us to dress in red, white or blue and wear some pearls too. For the first part of the day, we headed on to Capitulo Resto along Brgy. Banca-banca, Victoria, Laguna.

We had (Clockwise) Jardenero's Gourmet Plate, Beef Salpicao, Paella Negra and Ginataang Kohol at Pako and Lumpiang Gulay for lunch! Then she had a tsinelas cake made by Lei Tajao.

The birthday girl went shoe-SHOPPING! I heard she got 10 pairs of shoes for her and her 2 girls. Laban kayo sa shopping powers ni Ate Sisa?!

After hours of shoes shopping... we settled at Arabela, a famous pasta-pizza place at the heart of Liliw, Laguna. Very nice place for a remote province, check it out...

Happy happy Birthday ate Liezl! Now who's next... October celebrants get ready na!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

4th LBS Easter Egg Hunting...

This is getting to be a tradition to our getting bigger and bigger family... this time we had the egg hunt at UPLB Animal parking area behind the carillion. As usual, Doc Ritz and Ryan were in charge in hiding the eggs, Ytet made the basket tags and we all prepared sandwiches, chips and dip. I can't believe that Doc Ritz's 3 huge bags were full of prizes, toys, chocolates and chips. Ryan's Ice box were loaded with beer too! This year's hunting had a little twist... the daddys get to hunt for the eggs and not the mommys! Here are the highlights of the event...

Helga, Gee and Baby Ike came late, but that's ok! We missed Timi and her family this year, she'll make up next year I'm sure, because she'll be bringing along another addition to our family.

what's the next happening girls? Can't wait to play with you again...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rita's Scrap Buffet Party!

Hello mga People! Its been a while since this blog was updated... SOWEE! Its a brandnew year and its Doc Ritz's birthday once again. The LB girls love to organize surprise parties at kung ikaw ang may birthday, LAGOT KA sa suspense! The only thing Doc Ritz knew was that she will sponsor the scrap buffet and here's the rest of the happening...

Date : 30 January 2010, Saturday
Time : 2-10PM
Place: Arla's, Los Banos

The birthday GIRL...

The place... Arla's along Maahas, LB national road.

The Food... fresh fruits, blueberry cheesecakes, grilled cheese and bread, homemade cinamon rolls, seafood pasta and pork barbeque... YUM!

The Gifts... first is a flower mini album, each page was created by each of us! (sorry Ytet and Timi, wasn't able to take a photo of your pages.)

Next is the Live, Laugh, Love and Scrap frame and acrylic RITZ letters!

... FUN started!

then, SCRAPPING continued!

It was so much FUN! Thanks Doc Ritz for a wonderful time...