Sunday, April 12, 2009


Gian greeted everyone who came yesterday... "Hello! Welcome to LBS' 3rd Easter Egg Hunt!" This is getting to be a sure annual affair for the Scrapaholics' family. No wonder its getting to be exciting and anticipating each coming year. This year, I want to thank Cors for doing the baskets and tags, ate Liezl as usual for patiently gathering all the prizes, Timi and the other ladies for sponsoring RAKS for the ladies, BILL of course for the pictorial.... and Ytet! for finally coming to our egg hunt, first time nya to come and celebrate with us... And so here goes...

The eggs... thanks to Ate Liezl, Cors and Dra. Chix for making these little cuties!

These came from Cors! Scrapaholic na sya ulit ngayon! Hallelujah!

The original LB Scrapaholics ladies...

Ryan, Gian, Sharie and Dra. Rita in violet!

Alden, Ate Liezl, Bea, Soy and Pia in white!

Ytet, Alain, Aldrich, Aldrey and Alfred in RED!

Issa, Luigi and Chuy in Gray!

Cors and Ina in Brown!

Timi, Jigs and Dannah in Green!

Dra. Chiqui with her girls Julia and Ally in yellow...

Helga, Gee and Baby Ike in blue..

Our family is slowly growing each year! Thanks to the power of friendship and passion for scrapbooking!

Thanks for looking!

What's up with the Scrapaholics... sneak!

Watch out for more...

Thanks for looking!