Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Timi's 2nd DTLOTD

"What struck me the most about Timi's LO was her journaling. It's just so real and honest. TFS with us! Congrats your LO has been chosen as DTLOTD September 27th. Come over to the MB and see what the members are saying!" a message from Jenelle, a Design Team Member of Creative Scrap Shack. Timi won again for the Layout of the Day on September 27. Check out her layout entitled "Renewed Passion".

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Timi's 1st DTLOTD!

"I have been reading all of Timi's journaling on her layouts lately and she touches my heart in so many ways every time. I adore layouts with sincere journaling...these help us remember. I also love the clocks and how she focused on the face in each photo with a circle!" says Jules, a Design Team Member of making her the layout of the day yesterday, September 25. This is her winning layout "Someday"...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Rita, Issa and Cora in the Top 12

>We are so proud of our fellow LB Scrapaholics, Rita, Issa and Cora for having surpassed all the weekly challenges of the first ever search for the Scrappin' Moms Idol. They will be competing with nine other finalists for the much coveted title of Scrappin, Moms Idol this coming October 6 during the Scrapfest. Congratulations and Goodluck!

Issa's 2nd time this September!

It's Issa's second time to be DTLOTD in Creative Scrap Shack this September. Her LO entitled Lolo Bill was chosen layout of the day for Sept 22. Way to go Issa. The LB Scrapaholics is proud if you.

Her winning LO:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sister of the Week

I was so happy when I received the news that I will be Sister of the Week of September 23-29th at I have been joining their weekly challenges for some time now. At last I made it...I am now a certified sister of the Sisterhood of Scrap.

They will be highlighting me this week for a chance to inspire other scrapbookers. I will sharing some of my LOs, favorite technique and some tips on scrapbooking. I'm also given the chance to give a journaling challenge plus they'll be sending me a thank you gift...yipee! They also send me my very own "I'm a Sister" blinkie.

This is the LO that made me Sister of the Week. Last week, their challenge was to use flowers in a masculine LO. Here is my LO:

The title of the LO is SOMEBODY, a song in the 1980's by Depeche Mode. The lyrics of the song is written all over the circles. This is of course for my dear husband, Danny!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Creative Scrap Shack's DTLOTD for September 18

It's my second time to win with this layout! Thanks to Cors for being an angel, for telling me to give this layout a try... and it did give me so much recognitions!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Message from Ate Liezl

Quoting Joanne Yap when she invited everyone to join this challenge "to try is to test your own capabilities, to attempt is your own personal challenge, and to win is icing on the cake!"

I got eliminated from the "IDOL" after 6 out of the 8 week challenge. I would say - "it was a good fight, though".

Moving up each week until the 6th week is indeed a wonderful experience. "WE" enjoyed the journey and the lessons learned from it will never be forgotten. I said "WE" because i didn't scrap alone throughout those weeks. My kids and Alden (my hubby), my friends and the rest of LBS were with me during those days and nights.

On a daily basis I was constantly reassured by their unending love and support not only to my chosen craft but to my individuality as a person too. Each entry was made with my heart in it, since I don't scrap for the sake of art alone. I scrap to capture and preserve memories and let the legacy live on. I scrap to profoundly express my feelings and my thoughts. Along with each LO is my silent hope that the message will be felt and will be heard first and foremost by my own family to whom i dedicate each piece. And they never failed to do so. I guess it is the best reward any scrapbooker could get.

I am thankful that throughout those "precious and pressured" times, I was able to maintain balance. Never did I neglect a single duty as a multi-task mom.

To Cors, Issa and Doc Ritz - I'm happy you made it to the next round. I will stand by you until the final round. Helga and I will join Timi in doing our own entries as well, though this time its without the pressure of beating the deadline.

Our's is a genuine friendship binded by true love and too much concern for each other. It will always be a "all for one, one for all" journey.

My gratitude to Ms. Tin Yao for the comments you made to all my LOs. Your patience in going over the details of each entry is highly appreciated and the sincerity is felt from all those words you have written.

My special thanks to Ms. Connie Tameling and Ms. Leah Fung for the special mentions... my round 3 entry "Craddle of Memories" and round 5 "Li'l Hands". My exit was made even more graceful with all your wonderful comments.

To the Scrappin' Moms, i will be forever grateful for giving me the opportunity to test my capabilities. God bless us all!

Ate Liezl

Timi on Scrapwords Word of the Week Contest

Would you believe that its Timi's second time to win in Scrapwords Word of the Week Contest? First one was her "Play" layout and now its her "Renewed Passion". She will receive an Around the Block package from Leslie Ackman, the owner of Scrapwords Online Store. And here goes her journaling and layout...

Was there ever a time in your life when you felt your passion is dying down? I have experienced this several times in my life, at work (my passion for teaching), in my relationships (my passion to give my entire self), in my craft (my passion to create). Just recently, I was into this phase. I decided to stop donig the thing I am most passionate about, what else but SCRAPBOOKING? All of a sudden, I stopped creating LO's, attending scrapbook-related events, joining contests, buying scrapbook stuff, seeing my scrappin' friends. This lasted for almost three months (March to June 2007). I missed a lot of things - new supplies and trends. I missed a whole lot of people - the LB Scrapaholics and my scrappin' friends! I missed being published in E-zines and newsletters where I was supposed to write an article. I was totally left out. It was my coice, no one to blame but me. But one day in the month of June, I woke up telling myself that I can't live without scrapbooking. I was glad that phase was over. I began scrapping again, this time with a renewed passion to create and share my creations with the world as I started posting in international galleries and blogs. It's good to be back.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scrappin' Mom's Idol

We are so happy! Rita, Liezl, Cors, Helga and I are still in until now at the round 5 of the Scrappin' Mom's Idol. This 2-month challenge changed many things about ourselves... first, it made us much closer to each other, sharing ideas, materials and our layouts before every upload. The friendship moved to another level that we only discovered because of sharing and unselfishness. Next, we learned so much from our co-contestants that our layouts really improved to another level of scrapbooking.

Sad that Timi wasn't able to join us because she had some commitments with her work as a UP professor during the elimination round. But she stood beside us all, helping us in any way she can specially editing our journals before the final printing. Oh, she also tries to make the challenge's layouts every week! means she's with us pa rin.

We will never forget our motto..."All for one, one for all" meaning "laban ng isa, laban ng lahat" and "premyo ng isa, premyo ng lahat" hating kapatid, walang lamangan!

Overall it's a very good experience having the chance to join the Scrappin' Mom's Idol. Whoever moves to the grand finals will always be the pride of LB Scrapaholics... Goodluck to us and may we continue to love each other even without scrapbook challenges!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Si Helga naman!

It's Helga's turn to win the Lay of the Day of! Wohooooo... everyone of us exprienced the CSS-GTD fever! So more submssions mga kapatid and many hopes to win on international competitions. Let's wait for Helga's new layouts of her baby IKE. And here is helga's winning layout entitled "Believe in Miracles"...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's Cors' Turn!

I don't want to miss this... I want to tell everyone that Cors' made to the's Layout of the Day, today September 6, 2007. It must be a good start for the month of September, so goodluck! Here's Cors' colorful layout entitled "Three Things in Common"...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Liezl, Issa and Cors on

It was one hot-summer day when Lala Evangelista visited us here in Los Banos, Laguna. She wanted to feature the LB Scrapaholics and our work areas, so she moved from one house to another to shoot. First stop was Cors at 101 Boutique and the next was Liezl at Sta. Fe Subd. We had lunch at my house and dropped by at Dra. Rita's place too before she had her afternoon clinic. Then the last stop was Helga in the far away land of Jubillee Ville. Timi was sick that time. It was a whole day of never ending stories. Before we parted, Lala wanted to drive around the UPLB campus, we had the final stop at the UPLB Carillon and took some more pictures.

For this month, ate Liezl, Cors and I are in the "ESCAPE corner" of Lala. And next month it'll be Dra. Rita and Helga Vergara's turn to show their scrapbook areas. So watch out!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Timi in her second...

Timi once again conquered the international scrapbooking scene when she won another US-based online store contest! Her LO entitled "My Collection" won in A Peek Into Yesterday's My _____ Collection Contest which ran from August 20 to 25, 2007. Her LO showcased her various collection of scrapbooking stuff such as ribbons, flowers, fibers and buttons. Her work is featured in the home page of for one week. She also won a $25 gift certificate from the store. Congratulations, Timi!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Winner's of ENEAD

September 1, 2007, Saturday, 3PM, Cors announced the winners of 101 Boutique's Anniversary Competition... ENEAD. Winners were given Scrapbook Packages and Gift Certificates courtesy of 101 Boutique and LB Scrapaholics.

Congratulations to Janice Virtucio for winning the Grand Prize! Her Enead theme was "A Cat's 9 Lives" showcasing her pet siamese cat named Zac.

And the People's Choice Award goes to Yvette Planas. She made a mini album about her "9 Happy Makers"... 9 things that make her happy!

Thank you so much for joining our competition and we'll be seeing you next year for a bigger event... the 10th year of 101 Boutique!