Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Belated Birthday Gift

I celebrated my 37th birthday last Friday, October 12 and I received two unexpected gifts - first, I was accepted as a Designer Diva in MY SKETCH WORLD and second, I won another contest at A Peek into Yesterday with the theme "My Favorite Outfit". That means another $25 gift certificate! Yipee!!!

Here is my first project at My Sketch World following Lucy Chesna's second sketch for the month of October:

And here is my winning entry at APIY entitled Tale of the Lady in Red:

I'd also would like to share my journaling ala fairy tale style:

Once upon a time, there was a lady named Timi who hated the color red. Anything red she disliked – red clothes, red shoes, red bags, anything red! She vowed that she would never wear anything that was red. She found this color too loud for her personality, too glaring and too flashy. For a time, she was into browns and dark blues.
One day, when she was shopping for clothes, she noticed this red blouse, as if inviting her to try it on. She tried it on and it fitted her just right. To her surprise, it looked beautiful on her. With that red blouse on, her face glowed. It put the sweetest smile on her lips like never before. That was the first red blouse she bought and wore. From then on, whenever she shopped for clothes she would always consider red, a color she used to hate but learned to love. And now if you look at her closet you will find more of reds than any other color!


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