Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Meet the LB Scrapaholics

Cors, “Cora the Explorer”/ Embellishment Queen

Cors has tons of embellishments that she would always generously share with us. We would always run to her whenever we wanted an item from Divi. She has an eye for earth tones and themes that uses extraordinary embellishments that only Cors can find and make.

Liezl, “Organization Master”

Liezl has a “playroom” in her home that is so organized. She is our designated accountant and property custodian.

She has the ability to make a great picture stand out.

Rita, “Accelarated Scrapbooker”

Rita is the newest member of the group. With only a year of scrapbooking she already has shown creativity and great talent in the said hobby. She would always have ideas that are hard to execute, but she would always do everything to achieve what’s on her mind. Her ideas are so unique and creative that she got a runner-up from her first challenge.

Issa, “Speed Scrapper/Handcutting Master”

Any scrapbooker would envy Issa’s hands. She has the abilty to cut patterns that are so neat. Even her layouts are so clean that one would have the difficulty of finding the cut lines.
Issa is also one of the fastest scrapper that I ever knew. She has the ability to finish 2 to 3 layouts in an afternoon. She can finish these layouts without compromising quality. She doesn’t have backlogs on her scrapbooking layouts and she is often heard complaining “Wala na akong pictures na mai-scrap!”

Timi. “Journaling Champ”

Timi is known for her creativity not only in her layouts but also in her journaling. She is often complimented for her great journaling. Her journaling along with her great layouts is what always makes her win challenges.

Helga, “ Technique Princess”

Helga’s courage to try out new techniques is what gave her the title Technique Princess. She is always hungry for new ideas that she is often seen surfing the net or browsing scrapbooking magazines and books. She is never afraid to test newly discovered techniques and share it with the rest of the LB Scrapaholics. She is also not afraid to mix and match different prints and colors.

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